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A Case for Happiness

WHAT: The Hi-Fi Case

WHY: Yes, you've had a thing for holding on to old baggage. And no, there's no good reason for it. Unless, of course, you've been clinging to a Hi-Fi Case. Vintage suitcases (think hatboxes, traincases, trunks and the like) from the forgotten golden age of travel are given new life as -- wait for it -- boomboxes. You can connect them to all your modern  (iPhone, iPod, laptop) and not-so-modern (tape deck, record player, Walkman) devices to it. And they're even made with built-in rechargeable batteries. Choose from a ready-made model (or have a similar version DIYed for you) like the dainty Aubrey, sleek Dr. Pepper, or massive Stanley. Or opt for a completely new custom order with options like Bluetooth compatability and LED lights. The owner will take you through the process -- and you’ll even get a $50 credit if you use your own baggage. Assuming you're, um, ready to get rid of it.

WHERE: Thehificase.com


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