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By the Nook

WHAT: Nook of the North

WHY: You've always dreamed of trading spaces. And perhaps with no one more than Yorkshire, England-based embroidery artist and jeweler Rebecca Hector Clarke -- although her clients know her as Nook of the North. "I love lines, textures, color-blocking, shapes, collaging and composition," she says. And it shows. The Mahler, with it's geometric shapes in bright colors, pays homage to designer Marion Mahler. The Luxe is a small-but-breathtaking collection of intricately stitched pendants that explore pattern and texture. Everything is done by hands -- hers (the embroidering), her husbands (who helps with the metal work), and even her mother-in-law (who makes the pouches her pieces go out with). Each one is stunningly wearable piece of embroidered art. Which you shouldn't trade for, well, anything.

.WHERE: Etsy.com

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