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Cake It or Leave It

WHAT: Yumsies Cake Pops

WHY: Sigh. We’ve all had a couple (more like, um, many) epic cake pop fails. Luckily, baker Daniela Zographos has our backs. This culinary arts program graduate and mom of two makes and sells these hyper-detailed-and-delicious cake pops out of her home kitchen in Anderson, South Carolina. Locals can find her goodies – like fantasy-inducing unicorns, perfectly petite ice cream comes, and ghoulishly sweet ghosts -- at area events. They can even attend a cake pop 101 class, or just place a custom order. Her out-of-this-world intricate treats come in a variety of flavors (Vanilla, Dulce de Leche, Peppermint Brownie, and more), are individually wrapped in cellphone bags, and gently tucked inside a fancy box with a customizable built-in stand. (I know, I know.) Because Daniela doesn’t ship, out-of-towners will just have to settle for staring open-jawed at her Instagram. Which is always a real winner.

WHERE: Yumsiescakepops.com

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