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Face Time

WHAT: Facelickers

WHY: High school dances. Baby’s first day of kindergarten. Target. We’ve all been forced to put on a good face. Now you can give it, too, thanks to Facelickers from Firebox. The UK company – already known for making imaginatively irreverent personalized gifts (like face pillows, face marshmallows, and face air fresheners) – has upped its game with the life-sized edible lollipop made to look just like your face. Just send in a picture of yourself, your BFF, or favorite celebrity crush, and the face artisans will make your image into an all-natural tutti-frutti flavored work of art. Give it as a gift, keep is forever, or share it with friends. But let’s face it: What you do with it is entirely up you.

WHERE: Firebox.com


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