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Juarez, the Problem


WHY: Women have been disappearing from and then murdered in Mexican city of Juarez for far too long. And NI EN MORE – a name created by combining the Spanish, Norweigian, and English translations for“Not One More" – not only brings attention to the local problem but aims to stop it. The clothing line has created a small sewing studio in the safe part of the city where Norweigan, American, and local women (still living in high-risk areas vulnerable to organized crime) make these beautiful one-of-a-kind robes, tunics, and blouses dyed and decorated in an vibrant natural colors made from Mexican flowers and vegetables in an eco-friendly dying process. Each piece comes with a storytag and a protest badge, educating wearers against the abuse of women around the globe -- and encouraging them to speak out. And, of course, stand out.



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