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Floral Pleasure

WHAT: Nora Floral Studio

WHY: We've all tried saying it with flowers. For those times when the message gets lost in translation, try Nora Floral Studios. Los Angeles-based florist and ceramicist Nora Jean Peterson creates stunning arrangements from seasonal flowers set in her own handmade pieces. Like the playful double rhombus vase, otherworldly Saturn planter, and (my favorite) the stately hanging air plant planter with hand-dyed twine. Because Nora's creations are made to order, she takes the necessary time to get it right. Which means same day deliveries? Not happening. And, of course, she doesn't ship, so there's deliver outside of the LA area. Say it ain't so.

WHERE: Nora Floral Studio, Los Angeles, CA, 90042. 323-839-8276.


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