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Getting it to Leather

WHAT: The Gathre

WHY: All kids are messy? Perhaps. A better blanket statement: the Gathre, an ultra-luxurious leather blanket-slash-mat that’s perfect for kids. The top is a mix of faux and natural leather made with a synthetic layer of plyurethane, which makes it heat and stain resistant. The underside is made from soft, buttery suede. When baby makes a mess, must spot clean it with a paper towel, wet wipe, or even your own shirt dipped in water (I don’t judge). The Gathre comes in large and small square- or circle-shaped sizes in solid colors or prints (think stripes, dots, and, yes, world maps). Take the Gathre to the park, beach, or the backyard and give yourself one less mess to fret over. Because parenting is hard. Which is a universal truth.

WHERE: Gathre.com


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