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Giving You the Finger, Quilling

WHO: Finger Quilling Artist Ashely Chiang

WHY: We're all chasing that paper. But Ashely Chiang has managed to make the pursuit worthwhile. The DC-area paper graphics artist is a master at finger quilling. Meaning, she can create things with paper the likes of which you and I will never, ever be able to do. Why? Well, it could be because she does everything with her own magical fingers, forgoing the traditional tools used to make her shapes. Or maybe because she is truly gifted in ways our mundane digits are not. Which is totally fine because you can order one her stunning monograms, request a custom-made creation of your very own, or simply sign up take one of her online classes. You'll learn basics and then some. Unless, of course, your scared to metaphorically get your fingers dirty. Which, if you ask me, is a pretty paper thin excuse.

WHERE: Etsy.com


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