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Go With the Flowbird

WHAT: Custom Digital Holiday Gift Card by Artist Julie Bourne

WHY: You're no Grinch, but who's got time for holiday cheer? Self-taught artist, full-time art teacher and master-of-color Julie Bourne, of course. Her custom illustrations are digital representations of her magazine-worthy aesthetic eye (to wit: her home decor). After answering a few questions and sending in a few images, Julie gets to work on your holiday masterpiece. Keep in mind, Julie only takes on a handful of clients because of her other numerous commitments (including, you know, motherhood.) In a few weeks, you'll receive a PDF and a PNG of her creation by email that you can print out or electronically send your season's greetings. No stamps, no envelopes, and no fuss. Unless you're just a mean one, Mister.

WHERE: Flowbirddesigns.com


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