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Going to The Cat For You

WHAT: The Meow Parlour

WHY: Feeling a bit catty? Try Meow Parlour. From the minds behind Macaron Parlour comes New York City’s first full-blown. Visits can range from 30 minutes to five mind-bending hours with pals like Coffeemate, Fudge Round, and Mr. Bones, PhD. -Walk-ins are limited and not guaranteed, which means the best way to go is booking an online reservation. But you can take home your drinks, baked goods (courtesy of Macaron Parlour), and, of course, your new furry BFF, thanks to Meow Parlour Cats: a non-profit set up to foster and adopt these felines. Purr-fect.

WHERE: 46 Hester Street, Manhattan, NY. Mon., Tues., Thu. & Fri., 1-8pm; Sat. & Sun., 11am-8pm.


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