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WHAT: Hazy Dell Press

WHY: Yes, you love the classics. But the prosaic beauty of “Good Night, Moon” loses some of its magic, say, the 133rd time you read it. In a week. Meet your bedtime salvation: Hazy Dell Press. This boutique publishing house is home to a bevy of not-your-average kid-friendly characters (think monsters, aliens, and zombies) whose board-book stories encourage diversity and empathy. “Monster ABC” takes on letter teaching with a Zombie, Sasquatch, and Krampus. “Hush Now, Banshee!” follows a mini version of the female spirit as she counts her way through Ireland. And the soon-to-be-released “Don’t Eat Me, Chupacabra” is a bilingual tale set in Puerto Rico where a picky goat-eating monster learns how to compromise. Reading any book in Hazy Dell’s collection is certain to give you the necessary mental break from the often mind-numbing recital of your little one’s typical literary bedtime choice. Which is an experience that can only be descripted as, well, magical.

WHERE: Amazon.com

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