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Kit and Fidoodle

WHAT:Fidoodle Flip Dolls

WHY:Kids are known for putting parents through changes. Thankfully, there's one we can all live with: the transforming Flip Dolls by Fidoodle. The tiny nine-inch creations are both a doll and, well, something else. There's a super-sweet bunny, an adorable butterfly, and even a cuddly bluebird with telling names like Tundra, Ripple, and Safi. To reveal their secret identities, just reverse the dresses (although you'll find a few gentle clues printed directly on the fabric). Each one comes snuggly tucked inside a mason jar, screen printed with their spirit animal. Now, baby can do even more flipping. And you can do much less flipping out. 

WHERE: Jenb.ca


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