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Oh, Tattoo Much, Please

WHAT: Annie Draws Stuff's Temporary Tattoos

WHY: Once upon a time, Millennials, temporary tattoos mostly came in these things called Cracker Jack boxes. Poorly drawn roller skates, pirates, and animals tats turned into giant blobs on our hands. And we liked it. But you've come a long way, babies. Meet the infinitely better models from Annie's Draws Stuff. These brilliantly irreverent and remarkably well-drawn designs can be tossed on for your every mood. For those fun-loving-rapscallion moments, put on a The Fresh Prince. Feeling like the Notorious RIG? Try a Ruth Bader Ginsberg. Or simply say I love NYC with with an Empire State Building. (To remove, just use some good old-fashioned baby oil.) The tattoos come in full sheets of various designs, and are safe and non-toxic, lasting up to five days. Which, of course, makes for a very happily ever after.

WHERE: Etsy.com


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