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Stun of a Biscuit

When it comes to comforts, they can never be too close.

To wit: the must-have biscuits by Mason Dixie. Made by Ayeshah Abuelhiga, a proud first-generation American who grew up in Baltimore and gave up her corporate job to create the quality Southern-style, home-cooked comfort food she craved.

The result is a I-can't-believe-these-are-available-at-my-local grocer line of biscuits (like the classic buttermilk, delicious cheese, and savory garlic parmesan), scones (like yummy chocolate chip and delicious coffee cake), and rolls (think melt-in-your-mouth cinnamon and the ultimate sticky).

Grab a box (or five) from the freezer section and feel bad for all the other comfort foods that have now lost your affections forever.

Because it wasn't even even close.

Find your nearest store at Masondixiefoods.com.


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