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Swallow, the Leader

WHAT: La Golondrina

WHY: For most, Cinco de Mayo means raising a glass (or two) of cerveza. But this year, you can celebrate to the the day commemorating the Mexican Army’s victory in the Battle of Puebla with Mi Golondring. Meaning “My Swallow” or “My Songbird,” this a dazzling line of artisan-created traditional Mexican pieces launched by Dallasite Cristina Lynch in 2013. She’s curated  a dazzling collection of clothing, handbags, and more handmade by beyond-talented Mexican artisans. The beautiful floral embroidery on the Gran Amor dress is magical. Every dreamy flowers on the Rocas del Mar top are breathtaking.Each piece is hand stitched to perfection, making it feel like one of kind. All the more reason to raise that glass.

WHERE: Migolondrina.com


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