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Taking a Whisk

WHAT: The Whisk Wiper

WHY: Paper Clips. Staples. Animatronic death machines. We've all had our why-didn't-I-think-of-that moments. One more to add to the ever-growing list? The Whisk Wiper, an easy to use devise designed to make whisking mess free. Simply attach it to a standard-sized stainless-steel whisk and start mixing. The Whisk Wiper catches all the drips, can be used as a bowl scraper, and -- yes, there's more -- returns all that messy batter back into the bowl when you remove it from the whisk. There's even a mini version for smaller jobs as well as a pro model for larger stand mixers. Which makes it perfect for making everything from pancakes to frosting and anything that just happens to get stuck in between. Except maybe your tongue.

WHERE: Amazon.com


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