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Time to Meet Your Cookie Maker

WHO: Cookie Maker André Kreft 

WHY: You're one smart cookie. Except, of course, when it comes to baking your own. Leave the heavy, er, sifting to Savor Cookie owner André Kreft. He makes the most amazing short-bread cookies even while churning out thousands of these handmade artisan treats each week. With incredible flavor combinations like the birch, maple, and cranberry Nagatuck, and self-explanatory Dried Shallot, each flavor is a game changer. Each comes with a recommended drink pairing (Bourbon for spicy Firefly or a Pinot Grigio for the savory Nicasia), courtesy of Andre. Who never, ever crumbles.

WHERE: 76 Watertown Road Unit 2B, Thomaston, CT, 06787, 860-274-9000. Tuesdays & Wednesdays 8am - 2pm and by appointment (but always call first). Savorfinefoods.com.


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