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What, She Worry

WHAT: Hechizo Worry Doll Jewelry

WHY: We all sweat the small stuff. Luckily, jewelry designer Hali Emminger has channeled her anxiety into something good: Worry Doll necklaces and earrings. Remember the story? If you whisper your worries to the dolls before bedtime and place them under your pillow, in the morning, your troubles will be gone -- courtesy of the dolls. In this version, the brass talismans wrapped in colorful tread by female-owned Guatemalan businesses go around your neck in the morning and bring compliments all day. Even better? A percentage of the proceeds goes to a charity empowered Guatemalan women called Friendship Bridge. Your good taste and good deeds will sure to be recognized by all. So don't worry.

WHERE: Shophechizo.com


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