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Zen, You Think About It

WHAT: Olander Earth Works' Modern Zen Gardens

WHY: Ben and Jerry. Peanut butter and jelly. Peace and quiet. Some things are just meant to go together. Unless, of course, you live in any house with children. For those times when you need more relaxation and less Sponge Bob, try Olander Earthworks: makers of hand-cast cement spheres in a ton of textured patterns (think flowers, ripples, swirls, and more) you can calmly roll until you find your zen. Create your own set with a natural wood sand tray, opt for a complete themed one (like Life, Writers, and Nature) – or choose a one-of-a-kind offering featured on its Instagram feed. Either way, you'll have the perfect combination of, um, rocks and rolls.

WHERE: Olanderearthworks.com

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